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Welcome to the download section of ROSE SWE

All downloads are free! Please note that some programs will not work on Windows 64bit because Microsoft removed support for DOS16 applications. DOS16, DOS32 and Windows 32bit environments are fine.

Please move your mouse over the download symbol to see the MD5 hash of each file! Download the utility to verify the MD5 hashes of your downloads against the MD5 checksums in the file md5sums.md5.

13.04.2018 4.192.976 quickinfo: MD5SUM=ea94d80b6dbb16219528113ff99c1849  click here to download! AntiLink-Paket: Antiviren Komplettpaket zum Erkennen und ENTFERNEN von Computerviren, erkennt auch noch UNBEKANNTE Datei- und Bootviren. Komplett in Deutsch. Mit vielen weiteren nützlichen Antivirentools und Hilfsdokumenten.
26.02.2018 390.765 quickinfo: MD5SUM=0620c5c7e54e73c1807159aeae4f7bac  click here to download! Dir2html: Creates a HTML file (webpage) of the files in the current directory. Create within a second a complete download webpage of your files! W3C 3.2 complaint. With INI file for customizing the output. Win32, Dos32 + Linux.
20.09.2018 7.091.912 quickinfo: MD5SUM=23d61c11466516f707ee8c004702df8d  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! Finds Boot, File, DOS, IRC, VBS, Batch viruses, worms, malware, trojans and backdoor. Freeware! Program versions for Linux32/64, DOS16 & Windows included! Needs not installation, portable version!
08.09.2017 261.763 quickinfo: MD5SUM=01775b1faadab3e7d8ec53b81991b19b  click here to download! Hashall - calculates MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3 hashes of files. For Windows and Linux. Needs not installation, portable version!
20.09.2018 n/a click to download md5sums.md5 updated/refreshed file! MD5 checksums of this folder
20.09.2018 1.209.074 quickinfo: MD5SUM=278ccb232d25bc1afdf3834c51bdb8e6  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! MemScan package - collection of free DOS antivirus programs to check your main DOS memory. Includes MemScan, QMS, TestBoot etc. Needs not installation, portable version!
15.04.2018 328.120 quickinfo: MD5SUM=f0b2625a4ad0ebc83d0fba13c70ade6a  click here to download! rADFAQ_1-20.rar ROSE SWE's Anti-Debugger FAQ (rADFAQ) - only for old DOS-16 usage.
20.09.2018 2.861.280 quickinfo: MD5SUM=0743579e6de1737bb7c166d1416eb9ea  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! ROSE SWE's heuristic based virus scanner.A very fast and reliable virus scanner for NEW and UNKNOWN viruses. Detects more than 50.000 different viruses. Includes a generic memory detection for resident viruses, mIRC/pIRC script worms,
08.02.2018 1.287 quickinfo: MD5SUM=089918e05a9fd229d86634d48fa2ea4c  click here to download! A small linux/win32 cygwin shell script to automatical download updated file from rose_swe
24.03.2018 2.271.900 quickinfo: MD5SUM=e4d0507315670ea5895322623ce5105c  click here to download! rUPP_Rel-037.rar ROSE SWE UnPacker Package, release #37 * Unpacker package for DOS packers/protectors (no Windows stuff!)
24.08.2018 2.428.274 quickinfo: MD5SUM=e420de136fd892557b5ac9df8a8efa65  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! VirScanPlus_17-55 (DOS32 Virus Scanner) - zip file, needs no installation (portable). Virus scanner for DOS-, Boot-, VBS-, IRC-Viruses, Trojans and other malware

Total: 21.037.351 11 Files

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